I learned so much from each and every section [of “The Mental Health Toolbox”], and I am going to use these tools and refer back to this book when I need a pick-me-up!! The concept of a ‘toolbox’ is absolutely brilliant! I loved the [meditation] exercise that Neely described as well. I actually did the exercise and I loved it, it worked really well! I realized I was much more relaxed when I was doing it, compared to how I was prior to doing the exercise. Having Neely personally incorporate her own stories into a lot of these tools really helped me connect with her and what she was feeling! 


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I learned a lot in the “woo woo” section. Crystals and the like have always intrigued me, so it kind of piqued my interest, and I’m looking forward to researching more. What I also appreciate is the holistic view Neely takes on health—she acknowledges all aspects of disease from emotional to mental to physical by addressing nutrition, therapy, physical exercise, spiritual health, and cleansing. She covers it all, which tells me she has been so thoughtful about her own health and wellness. So many times, we want a quick fix, and Neely reminds the reader that that’s not really health.


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Jayla Rae

I like that "The Mental Health Toolbox" does not assume that you have to be diagnosed with clinical depression or any form of anxiety in order to benefit from what Neely teaches you. There are so many of us walking around out there who have dealt with these mental health issues, but are afraid or unconvinced that seeking therapy or medication will help. Now that I have the toolbox, I feel more comfortable admitting that sometimes I just need help to calm down or pull out of heavy moods, and that it's okay to turn to an in-depth resource. Neely is my resource!

- Jayla Rae

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I found the "The Mental Health Toolbox" to be a quick, immensely helpful, and efficient read. I am familiar with most of what Neely mentioned in the eBook, but having all of those resources in one streamlined location is GENIUS. 

- Tara

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“The Mental Health Toolbox” is a great collections of tried and true methods for dealing with depression and anxiety. Not only is it educational, but it's also entertaining. You can really get a sense of Neely's personality through her writing, as well as her undeniable passion for helping others.

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