Bipolar Depression, Manic Episodes, + Finding Your Own Way

For most of my young adult life, I was terrified of finding out I had bipolar disorder. My dad has bipolar disorder; actually, he was diagnosed back when it was still called manic depressive disorder, which sounds even scarier if you ask me.

I didn’t want to go to a therapist or even worse a psychiatrist because I was afraid they would confirm that I was just like my dad. He seemed sad all of the time. Sometimes he layed in bed for days on end and didn’t know what day it was when he woke up. Not much seemed to make him happy or excited.

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What Causes Overwhelm + How To Respond

I can’t catch a break. This was my mantra the past two weeks, overwhelmed with health concerns and my work to-do list and wedding planning and a new van. Oh my! Do you ever feel like it’s just too much?

Me, too. And, I reminded myself it was too much constantly. Like, every moment. Do you think that helped? It didn’t. I needed a lesson in why I was overwhelmed and what to do about it. Read on to see if my process can help you, too.

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How To Survive The 4th of July Holiday If You Have Anxiety

Your brother, your mom’s cousin’s best friend, and family friend who gives you the heebie jeebies are all there. It’s your family’s 4th of July BBQ and you’re anxious AF.

I’ve so been there. Holiday gatherings can be a breeding ground for anxiety. Sometimes it feels like we don’t have a choice whether or not to attend and anxiety is determined to win. But, that doesn’t have to be the case if you have these tips in the back pocket of your jean shorts.

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5 Reasons Why Finding Your Tribe Will Support Your Mental Health

I couldn’t survive without my friends. I don’t say this to be dramatic but because it’s true. There are a handful of people who have been in my life at different times--some from middle school and high school, some from college, some from graduate school, and some from my post-grad life--who have made up my tribe. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.

It’s not that my tribe makes me who I am or even that I rely on a single one of them to be everything for me. But, together, with a group of two or three of them, magic starts to happen. I feel loved and valued. I’m heard and understood. They call me out when I’m overthinking things and give me the hugs I need when I feel like I’m in a deep hole. They know who I really am and are willing to wait out spells of depression and anxiety. They’re my tribe.

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