Neely O'Connor


Hey, there, I'm Neely. Most days you can find me advising college students at Colorado State University; walking my pitbull terrier rescue, Masha; or trying out a new vegan recipe for my fiance, Landen.

I am mostly known for my frankness and my love for all things "woo woo" (think: charging my crystals under the moonlight and new age metaphysics). I love serving the world through sharing my own story with depression and anxiety (from the wins of giving my first big presentation at work, even though I thought I might vomit, to the lows of canceling movie plans because I was terrified to leave the house) . The things I am most passionate about in life are my family and friends (aka the family that I chose), my rescue dog and cat, and live music (My favorite band is Walk the Moon. What's yours?).

I serve young women who struggle with depression and anxiety, specifically those in college. I consider myself lucky to give them the tools to be their best selves while living with depression and anxiety and empower them to share their stories and stop the stigma of mental disorders.

When I'm not busy working on blogs, workbooks, and my upcoming eBook for A Lotus Blossoms, you can find me catching up on self-help books and classes (I'm a graduate of Jess Lively's "Life With Intention Online" and "Flow With Intention Online" and Tricia Huffman's "Be Your Own Joyologist." My current obsession is the Align + Flow Membership with Natalie Brite.), planning my next adventure (currently: Austin, TX), or organizing my closet (again).


Why "A Lotus Blossoms"?

The mud

Experiencing mental illness can be like wading through the muck. You know that phrase, "No mud, no lotus"? The mud is sticky and wet and cumbersome. It makes our path difficult and can contribute to suffering. It's what we have to get through if we want to see a lotus blossom.

The roots

 The lotus looks beautiful and delicate, floating above the surface. What others can't see is the strength of the lotus, the roots embedded in the bottom of the river bed.

The lotus

A Lotus Blossoms will help you grow your roots through providing you with self-help tools and education, allowing you to blossom into your best self.