I help depressed + anxious college girls ace mental health by learning how to master their emotions + self-doubt

Turn Sensitivity into your Superpower


What would it feel like to be able to soothe your racing heart, to turn strangers into friends, and to feel as comfortable in the classroom and at parties as you do in your own home?

Your life sentence of depression and anxiety ends today.

Your mind is no longer your jail.

With me as your number one cheerleader and A Lotus Blossoms community surrounding you, we'll get you to feel at ease in your own mind and get your family, friends, and professors to give you the green light to show up as yourself, without fear of rejection.


“No mud, no lotus." 

— Thich nhat hanh, religious leader and peace activist


Our Mission

A Lotus Blossoms is here to help you bloom, whether you're still at the bottom of the river with no signs of light, you're growing your roots stronger and thicker, or you're just underneath the surface, ready to break through to enlightenment.

Here, you'll find a toolbox full of information, ideas, and a community to hold onto when you feel like the mud is pulling you back under.


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